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Growing Brands in Global Duty-Free Markets

TRbizz is an agency and consultancy practice that specializes in matching entrepreneurs who are passionate about their products and are keen to develop their brand with the global duty-free retail market.

Duty Free, A Huge Marketplace

In 2019, some 4.5Billion passengers took 39M flights (IATA, 2022) worldwide. That is an average of 106.000 commercial flights every day. After a big downward disturbance in 2020 due to COVID-19, the number is now recovering ever since. Globally 80 percent of people have taken an airplane once.

In addition, the total worldwide ocean cruise capacity is around 320, carrying 600.000 passengers (Cruisemarketwatch, 2022). That means the duty-free industry is a very attractive marketplace but copes with a lot of inefficiencies due to the nature and requirements of that sales environment!  For example, around 30 airlines worldwide have decided to stop their inflight sales program as their impression is that this business model is not viable.

Digital Innovation Leading to New Opportunities

Several innovation trends, such as pre-order and on-seat delivery, pre-order and pick-up, online order and home delivery, order and collect-at-the-gate, and active pre-travel campaigning depending on destination, are all initiatives that are being developed and that are leading to more and bigger opportunities for brands.

TRbizz can advise you what is the best and least costly route to take for your brand.

What We Do

TRbizz is about finding that rewarding sweet spot!

Travel retail can be very rewarding for a starting brand if the sweet spot between offerings, quantities and costs is found. TRbizz is passionate about scouting for those products that ideally fit all the requirements for a successful duty-free business. We are flexible in our approach and believe in customizing the travel retail journey that each brand would need to go through to be successful.

To know whether your product could be a fit for such sweet spot, book a 30min appointment with us here.

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