Dubai Duty Free – some key data

As presented in the MEADFA conference in June ’22, here are some key data about the DDF developments post Covid:

1. Sales estimate TTL DDF in 2022 is $1.5B (vs $2B in 2019) and re-bouncing from $1B in 2020. A lot of expectations in 2H22 from FIFA2022.

2. Online sales has doubled vs 2019 level.

3. Passengers levels are back to ˜70% levels whereas DDF sales level are slightly higher due to a higher transaction value [driven by less trips and more purchase as a result or stock shortages followed by extra purchases].

4. Negative impact mainly coming from Far East whereas all other regions mostly recovered.

5. Category winners: Gold and fashion, even within the declined sales level they still grew over 2019.

6. Tourist mix has changed from China/KSA/UK to KSA/USA/UK impacting categories like jewelries and cosmetics.

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