Travel will turn to wellness, adventure and sustainability ( Top 10 trends for 2023, courtesy LinkedIn news ME)

With Covid-19 restrictions lifted in most parts of the world, people are more excited about traveling in 2023 compared to this year despite the grim economic outlook. And for many, wellness or adventure is on the itinerary amid heightened spending awareness.

While many travelers are willing to spend more “lavishly” to make up for lost time due to the pandemic, economic uncertainty has them strongly taking into consideration value for money, with many wanting to take advantage of deals and travel hacks, according to online travel agency

Of the 24,000 travelers surveyed across 32 countries, more than half (55%) said they are looking for “off-grid” style holidays next year – albeit not at the expense of a phone and internet connection. It also said travelers will be looking to take wellness “to the next level.”

There’s been an increased interest in transformational travel, said Antoine Abou-Samra, founder of A Table For Two, a Lebanon-based production house, with an international audience, dedicated to Food, Wine and Hospitality.

“One part is for wellbeing, as the traveler wants to take care of herself, to live experiences that have meanings. The other part is to find destinations that are sustainable, taking care of the environment, and the surrounding communities,” said Abou Samra, who hosts two podcasts that address issues and trends impacting the industry – including environment, diversity, culture and economics.

There has been an “undeniable” growing sustainable travel trend, Danielle Curtis, exhibition director of Arabian Travel Market, told LinkedIn News.

“Many tourists are not only mindful of their own impact on the environment, but they also want to visit destinations that protect the environment, provide benefits for local communities and those that preserve cultural heritage,” she says. — Dana Moukhallati

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