Travel Retail

Agency & Consultancy

Meet The Founders

Both Hendrik and Biju are passionate about traveling, have seen the power of the Travel Retail channel in their past corporate careers, and are brand-development-savvy marketers. As a frequent business traveller, Hendrik once fostered a dream to make Printing-As-Service (PAS), available on planes and in coffee shops at the place of arrival.

Based in Dubai, a city facilitating entrepreneurship like never before, TRbizz is thrilled to develop and grow young brands that are based on original ideas, have a good story to tell and are fit for purpose. TRbizz has extensive expertise working with brands, and retailers in both local markets and travels retail channels.

As part of our commitment to our clients, and to ensure personal care & nurturing to each of the brands, we limit our portfolio to a few handpicked products and categories.

Who We Are?

TRbizz ambition and purpose is to become a leading boutique one-stop-matchmaker between many passionate entrepreneurs with starting, unique, and well-fitting brands and the global travel retail channel so that mutual growth in revenues and profits can be achieved.

Ideally, we like to work with a limited product offering by category and want to make sure of its duty-free condition and price difference with a local duty-included shop.

What Makes us Different?

Our passion earns us a Living

Unique and passionate talents work on the assignments because results matter!

Agile Collaboration

We engage and deliver faster with unparalleled quality based on field and consulting experience.

ROI is important

Expenses are rationalized to optimize ROI for the customer to the maximum.

Client-first Mindset

We care about client results whether the assignment is small or big and we keep the number of brands limited to give all of them the priority they need.

Creative Innovation Code of Conduct

Whenever we can, we re-invent ourselves and push the boundaries of what we do and are solutions oriented.

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