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Explore our innovative and trendy products for travellers on-the-go to any corner of the world. TRbizz associates with brands selectively to meet our vision to be a one-stop solution provider for TR business across regions. Our brands are unique, innovative, passionate about their products, and go the extra mile to deliver a memorable shopping -and user experience.

Tip Beauty, USA

The company is trending amongst social media users, as at home self-care has continued as an emerging beauty trend since pandemic lock down. Tip Beauty gives women the opportunity to create beautiful nails more efficiently and change up their celebrity-inspired looks as often as needed, in no time. Press-on nails can be applied very easily for women on-the-go and stay on for an average of 5 days.

Tip Beauty stands for fast fashion, luxury nails, that are constantly introducing new designs to mirror social media, and ever-changing nail trends. The company is 100% female owned & operated and empowers women for self-care and positive change. Tip Beauty, being promoted through influencer marketing, has a strong domestic USA footprint as it is being retailed in big retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Macy’s. it is being recognized as a top 10 nail brand by Elle Magazine and an upcoming press coverage in Vogue (US) magazine is scheduled in October ’22.

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Pimente, Luxembourg

Pimente by Cannellis creates 925 silver-based jewelry, plated in rhodium, 18k gold and/or rose-gold. The brand is contemporary as it uses different kinds of gemstones for women to have choices and enough variety for every day use without having to fear to lose a precious diamond or pure-gold showpiece whilst traveling. All jewels are handmade with natural ingredients and are praised for their outstanding quality and beauty.

Pimente specializes in “Inflight” and offers earrings, necklaces, bracelets and/or 2/3-pieces sets. Packaging is ready-made for inflight and is bio-degradable and Eco-friendly, whilst the products are nickel, cadmium and lead -free (=no skin issues). TRbizz is promoting these products in the Middle-East markets.

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Pimente Earrings

TheBugCo, Netherlands

Go natural, go TheBugCo! Consumers worldwide are moving away from toxic sprays and oils, especially mosquito repellents containing chemicals such as Deet. The chemical, Deet, has been proven to inhibit the central nervous system whilst having many adverse sides effects such as neurological damage, seizures, and insomnia.

TheBugCo provides travellers with a range of bug protection solutions including Wearables, and Sprays which are innovative, natural and kids-friendly.

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Ventuno, Italy

Ventuno is a multisensory experience; a journey through Italy’s traditions, flavors and landscapes, one region at a time. It tells the story of a timeless heritage and lifestyle, with special focus on sustainability – and how could it be otherwise?
Where there is love and respect for terroir, there is love and respect for the environment.

What better way to reach out to business connections, clients, associates and friends and celebrate mutual success or appreciation, than with a gift that makes a statement about your standards and values: top quality, authenticity and sustainability?

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SPA of ICELAND, Iceland

Frontier 2022 “STAR beauty product”-award-winning SPA of ICELAND is hitting the travel retail world by storm as the cosmetics company, active since 1976, has launched premium body-and-home spa products, capitalizing on the global trend of sustainability and vegan-certified products with natural ingredients. Inspired by the clean water, fresh air, and geothermal power of Iceland, every SPA of ICELAND product contains one of the elements of the Icelandic environment. TRbizz is promoting these products in the Middle East.

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