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We represent your brand and become an extension of your team in the targeted TR channels. Below you will find areas we can fulfill as your outsourced partner.

Business Research

Our consultants have extensive experience in providing primary and secondary research, data analysis and data analytics services. Our services stretch from Channel Mapping and Product Positioning to Competitive Benchmarking and Target Group Segmentation. Good information and research across all aspects of your business help you make informed decisions and elevate your organization to the next level. Whether you have a specific need or a deep-dive request, we can help you achieve your objectives.

Business Development & Channel Strategies

We provide our clients with years of Business Development and Channel Strategy experience, both in an Omni-channel and/or Online-only capacity. Moreover, TRbizz is capable to optimize the execution of the plan between a global and a local approach.

Category Management & Product Line Development

Accounting for the inefficiencies (e.g. stock returns) inherent to the travel retail channel, we provide the expertise that will manage all sales and inventory activity for our clients in global channels. We provide our clients with monthly reporting of sales and inventory and can be guardians for line-up expansion and business continuity across listing periods.

Planning & Profit Optimization

TRbizz develops its customer’s Category Management strategy, by working closely with retailers and optimizing their respective 6P’s (Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Physical evidence) requirements. Due to the many limitations of dealing with the Travel Retail channel, a gradual planned approach may reward better for your brand than a global one.

Marketing & Promotional Strategy

TRbizz advises its clients, using a detailed marketing calendar, on the Marketing and Promotional strategy by Retailer, by Channel and for the Region throughout the listing period or for a full year. We also partner with decorators and staffing agencies to secure the right execution of Marketing and Promotional plans.

Merchandize & Training

TRbizz work in partnership with providers of Visual Merchandising in executing the planned promotional strategy at the required space and location. We provide training to purchasing teams, and staff in-store/in-flight to secure a highly motivated team for your brand.

Mystery Shopping

Should you wish to measure quality of Sales & Service, Job Performance, Regulatory Compliance, or gather specific information about a channel, market or competitor, TRbizz can help with such arrangements and/or requirements.

UAE/KSA Regulatory Services – Bluetooth Products

Incase you are selling a bluetooth product in the UAE/KSA, there is a requirement for Supplier Registration, Product Registration, RoHS Approval, and SASO Approval. TRbizz is happy to help you with these services as well.

Product Photography

TRbizz can help with localizing your brand’s imagery in-line with the regional customs, habits and requirements.

Sample Management

TRbizz can help with fulfilling your brand’s sample requirements to new prospects in the travel retail channel, with regards to award submissions and focus interviews.

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